1. 1.Applicants may apply under their own individual name or under the name of a company incorporated under the Company's Act 1965.
  2. Applicants wishing to apply under the individual category must:-
    (a) be at least 18 years of age; AND
    (b) not be an undischarged bankrupt.
  3. Applicants wishing to apply for membership under the name of a registered company must submit copies of the requisite Company's registration forms to Miro Asia Co. Ltd (Miro).
  4. 4.Each membership shall be subjected to Miro's final approval.
  5. Applicant may be registered upon payment of the membership registration fees.

  7. Members are deemed to be independent contractors, and shall operate their membership independently. Members shall not be deemed to be agents, partners, representative, legal or otherwise, franchisees and/or employees of Youthlite/Miro.

  9. Members shall be responsible for renewing their membership on or before the month of expiry.
  10. Membership shall be terminated if there is no minimum purchase of the required USD 100 over 6 months without notice. Should a member wishes to renew the membership, a new application is required to be submitted with the requisite membership fees.

  12. Members are entitled to participate in any of the Affiliate Programmes launched by Miro. Members are bound by the terms and conditions of the Affiliate Programmes.
  13. A Member shall not be permitted, allowed and/or in any manner directly/indirectly participate in the sale and/or display of any/all products marketed by Miro/Youthlite at other retail counters, stalls or public area and/or through any form of advertisement without prior written consent of Miro.
  14. A member shall not recruit new distributor through media or any form of inducements or promise to entice individuals to register as members.
  15. Members shall not use Miro’s / Youthlite’s logo, letterhead and/or any other representations of Miro/Youthlite without the prior written approval of Miro.

  17. Any business entity/company registered as a member shall notify Miro within 14 days of any change in the board of directors or shareholders. Miro reserves the unfettered right to affirm, suspend or terminate the membership in the event such changes is not made known to or is not approved by Miro.

  19. 14.Violation of any membership terms and conditions, or any actions by the member who is deemed dishonest, unethical or causes disrepute to Youthlite or Miro, Miro has the discretion to exercise disciplinary actions against the Member.
  20. Miro may at amy time suspend and/or terminate the membership of any member and/or take any other cause of actions whatsoever it deems necessary.
  21. The Member shall indemnify Youthlite or Miro against any liability it may incur as a result of the breach of the Membership Agreement and Youthlite or Miro shall not be liable for any damages /losses suffered by the Member arising out of the termination of the Agreement.

  23. Miro reserves the unfettered right to amend the terms of Agreement and any Programme without any prior notice or explanation.
  24. Miro reserves the right to make any changes without prior notice.
  25. HUSBAND AND WIFE rules.
  26. Members shall sell all products marketed by YOUTHLITE at YOUTHLITE'S retail prices and shall not sell to consumers at any amount lower than YOUTHLITE'S retail prices.
  27. Charges for each withdrawal: USD25 or 2% of the transaction value, whichever higher. 
    minimum withdrawal: USD 200
  28. Cancellation on transaction: 5% of transaction value shall be charged on all cancellations.
  29. Members may withdraw any amount subject to the minimum withdrawal and withdrawal charges PROVIDED ALWAYS a compulsory minimum amount of USD100 shall be retained in the member's account at all times.
  30. Shipping: within 7-14 days working days from the date of receiving cleared payment.


The Parties hereby agree to pay respectively, any and all taxes arising from this Agreement in the manner prescribed by the applicable laws of Malaysia now in effect or that may become effective during the term of this Agreement and such taxes shall include but not limited to government service tax, GST, value-added tax, any form of indirect taxes, other similar governmental impositions and interest and penalties related thereto.

Consent to Contact & Use of Personal Data

By signing this Agreement, you give YouthLite consent to contact you by telephone, facsimile transmission, email or text relating to YouthLite matters. YouthLite intends to use and provide to third party service providers your name, telephone number, address and email address (collectively referred to as “Personal Data”) for direct marketing or products and services relating to YouthLite matters.
You hereby consent YouthLite to:-

(i) Store and process your Personal Data; and
(ii) Disclose my Personal Data to the relevant governmental authorities or third parties where required by law or for legal process
(iii) Disclose my Personal Data to third party(s) for direct marketing or products and services or any other matters relating to YouthLite matters

Refund Policy

You may return the unused and unopened products together with a copy of the invoice to YouthLite within 14 days from the date of Purchase and YouthLite will refund the total purchase price of the products (less shipping and handling charges).

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